slow, fair fashion

that's what we believe in:

~ protecting artisans & their craftsmanship.

~ new ways of consumerism and living: buying less/choosing better vs. overconsumption.

~ sustainability & transparency, ensuring the ethics behind every piece we sell.

Bassac is a brand of beautiful sustainable accessories.

Bassac is a way of thinking and living.

Bassac is good for the people & for the planet.

Bassac is buying less & choosing better.

Bassac is craftsmanship.

Bassac is handmade with time and love.

Bassac is unique.

Bassac is being responsibly vain.

Bassac is committing to believe in the right things to help us act just a bit better every day.

Why Bassac? 

It is the name of a river that passes through Vietnam & Cambodia, home countries to the first artisans I started working with. A river brings life and richness to a region - which is no other than our reason to exist.