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Thanks for your interest in our story. My name is Carolina and this journey started in 2018 on a trip to Laos where I came across the unique bags made by the Khmu women.

They took me through the purely artisanal process they follow to craft each bag - 100% handmade with natural materials. This knowledge has been passed down through Khmu generations and nowadays the production of these bags is a key source of income for these women. I loved the story & the uniqueness of the products. Traditional skills and genuinely good products to be preserved and promoted.

At the same time, after more than 10 years working in advertising and fashion amidst wild consumerism, I was in the moment of my life where unconscious shopping started to make little sense. It's not a matter of discussion anymore that we are destructing our planet and it's important that we start modifying our consuming habits. 

I put those 2 things together and B A S S A C was born:

/ A brand of unique accessories made by artisans around the world with respect for people & planet.

/ A way of thinking and living: protecting artisans & their craftsmanship, buying less, choosing better, making things last.

So when I say we, I refer to the great artisans I partner with in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (for the moment!) and myself.

We thank you for loving our products.

Caro & the artisans. 

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